Elementary School Programming

Kazuko performingFor elementary school students, School House Symphony offers a 16-part series presented to students over a span of four years. Each school is visited four times during each school year, and each program builds on the musical concepts presented in the previous program. During the first year of programs, children are introduced to musical instruments, are taught to understand instrument families and how they work, and learn about the science of musical vibrations. Later programs include a tour of folk music from around the world, concepts of musical composition and notation, and a tour through Cincinnati’s unique musical heritage.

The Elementary programs are sequential and work best if the same student population experiences all four performances each school year. However, single performances may also be scheduled. Make a reservation request here.

First Year Series Example

Introduction to the Instruments
Introduces the instrument families and how they work

American Music I
Discusses American music from the time of the Pilgrims through the ragtime era of Scott Joplin

Elements of Music
Defines and explores the musical building blocks of rhythm, harmony, and melody

Dance Music
Presents dance music and dance styles from the Renaissance through the 20th century and explores the development of the symphony from a dance form into concert music

School House Symphony also offers programs tailored to preschool and junior high students. We invite you to learn more about our Preschool Programs and Junior High Programs.

What teachers have to say about SHS …

SHS does an outstanding job. Children enjoy learning about the instruments as well as enjoy the variety of music performed.