Junior High School Programming

Glenn Jr High performanceSchool House Symphony programs for junior high students are a continuation of the programs designed for elementary school students. Each school is visited four times during each school year, and each program builds on the musical concepts presented in the previous program. In the first year of programs, students are introduced to musical instruments, are taught to understand instrument families and how they work, and learn about the science of musical vibrations. Later programs include a tour of European music history from medieval chant through 12-tone compositions, an exploration of how music can be used to tell stories, and a selection of active listening games to help students understand the music they hear.

The Junior High programs are sequential and work best if the same student population experiences all four performances each school year. However, single performances may also be scheduled. Make a reservation request here.

Junior High Series Example

Mechanics of the Instruments
Provides a close look at (and listen to) how the instrument families work

Expression in Music
Explains the Italian music terminology found in notated music and how that terminology influences the intent and mood of a musical performance

Form in Music
Presents three basic musical forms found in music from the 1500s to the present

American Music II
Traces American musical history through the 20th century, discussing 20th century developments in the symphony, jazz, and early rock & roll

School House Symphony also offers programs tailored to preschool and elementary students. We invite you to learn more about our Preschool Programs and Elementary Programs.

What teachers have to say about SHS …

What a wonderful program. An awesome experience for students – great educational content as well as terrific music.