Preschool Programming

Introduction to Musical Instruments & Elements
Introduces instruments & basic music concepts: slow and fast, low and high, soft and loud

Families of Instruments
Discusses how brass, string, woodwind, and percussion instruments function

Story with Music
Presents classic storytelling performed through music

School House Symphony Preschool Programming is presented in a three-year cycle so that the same child will not see the same program multiple times. For example, the first program each year discusses musical instruments and the elements of music, but the musical selections and interactive games incorporated in the program change each year. Please visit Preschool Programs to learn more about our preschool curriculum. You may make a reservation here.

Elementary & Junior High Programming

First Year

Introduction to the Instruments
Introduces the instrument families and how they work

American Music History: 1620 – 1900
Discusses American music from the time of the Pilgrims through the ragtime era of Scott Joplin

Elements of Music
Defines and explores the musical building blocks of rhythm, harmony, and melody

Dance Music History: 1200 – Present
Presents dance music and dance styles from the Renaissance through the 20th century and explores the development of the symphony from a dance form into concert music

Second Year

Mechanics of the Instruments
Provides a close look at (and listen to) how the instrument families work

Expression in Music
Explains the Italian music terminology found in notated music and how that terminology influences the intent and mood of a musical performance

Form in Music
Presents three basic musical forms found in music from the 1500s to the present

American Music History: 1900 – Present
Traces American musical history through the 20th century, discussing 20th century developments in the symphony, jazz, and early rock & roll

Third Year

Cincinnati’s Musical Heritage
Explores two hundred years of music and music history in the Queen City

Time Machine
Travels from medieval chant to 12-tone composition as chosen by the students with our “Time Machine”

Composition and Notation
Showcases visual and auditory examples of melodic shape and provides a chance for the students to create a composition

Communication in Music
Examines stories, characters, moods and feelings as they are expressed in music

Fourth Year

Folk Music in Concert Music
Presents folk music from around the world as used by some of history’s greatest classical composers

Dance and Meter
Explores dance and music from the Renaissance to modern times, teaching students to “feel” and identify the difference between duple and triple meters

Listening Games
Teaches students to identify the elements of music through active listening games

Humor in Music
Demonstrates various ways composers have been (or have tried to be) funny in music

Special Programming

History of African American music
Traces the history of African American music from its roots in Africa to its impact on modern music

School House Symphony offers curriculum tailored to preschool, elementary, and junior high students. We invite you to learn more about our Preschool Programs, Elementary Programs, and Junior High Programs.

What teachers have to say about SHS …

I am very impressed with how well the musicians adapt to different age groups. Many groups that come to schools really have no idea how to relate to children. Not only did School House Symphony provide a quality musical experience, but they related to my students very well.