Preschool Programming

School House Symphony PerformanceSchool House Symphony offers a three-year series specifically designed for preschool children. Each year’s curriculum includes three 30-minute programs performed for the children throughout the school year in the comfort of their familiar classroom environment. Each program builds upon previous programs in the series to introduce young children to musical instruments and provide basic concepts of how music works.

Through games and movement, children learn how to distinguish high sounds from low sounds, develop a feel for beat & rhythm, and listen for specific details in music. Each year’s schedule also includes a storytelling program during which the children experience the powerful marriage of story with music. Make a reservation request here.

First Year Series Example

Introduction to Musical Instruments & Elements
Introduces instruments & basic music concepts: slow and fast, low and high, soft and loud

Families of Instruments
Discusses how brass, string, woodwind, and percussion instruments function

Story with Music
Presents classic storytelling performed through music

School House Symphony also offers programs tailored to elementary and junior high students. We invite you to learn more about our Elementary Programs and Junior High Programs.

What teachers have to say about SHS …

SHS is a wonderful, appropriate introduction to the orchestra and music concepts for young children.