Benefactor $500+

Charles H. Dater Foundation
William O. Purdy Jr., Foundation
Cincinnati Dreams Come True
Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund of the Greenacres Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wittenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wittenbaum
Chickesaw Foundation

Friends of School House Symphony

Sustaining $499 – $100

Friedlander Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Georgiton
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Starnbach
Perdikakis Associates Inc.
Dr. Eric and Professor Laura Dohner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Stuller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reisenauer
Sherman Foundation for the Arts
Sponsoring $99 – $50
Ms. Cheryl Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Berman
Mr. Albert and Marian Brown Jr.
Dr. Philip Edlin
Mrs. David W. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fong
Mr. John P. Georgiton
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lee
Ms. Mary Pfoutz
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rauh
Dr. and Mrs. Tony Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabo
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Passer
Mr. and Mrs. Perlstein
Mr. and Mrs. William Platt
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg
Friend $49 – $25
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bassin
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Fitter
Mr. and Mrs. David Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frankenfeld
Ms. Connie Hinitz
Ms. Elaine Hordes
Mr. Mark Karlsberg
Ms. Sonia Milrod
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Siereveld
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Thaler

What teachers have to say about SHS …

In all my years of teaching I have never had such a positive response from other teachers for groups I have brought in to perform. All the teachers involved today came up to me spontaneously at different times to let me know how much their students enjoyed the performance and how much they learned.